The Department of Clinical Biochemistry analyses patient’s specimens i.e., blood or urine or other fluids to aid the clinician in the diagnosis. The lab measures chemicals in the blood, urine and other body fluids (chemical parameters). This helps the doctor determine what is ailing a patient.

The lab can measure 160 different analytes using various automated random access analysers. Certain diseases release substances into the blood stream. These substances can be measured in the biochemistry department e.g., in diabetes (glucose), cancer (tumour markers), anaemia (iron), allergy (IgE) etc.

Drug assays are also carried out for “therapeutic drug monitoring”. Two groups of drugs that are measured by Clinical Biochemistry are anti-epileptics, medicines to treat fits/epilepsy, and immune – suppressive drugs, drugs are widely used in transplant patients. Clinical Pharmacology measures many other drugs as well.

Laboratory Microbiology Provision

The department offers a 24 hour microbiology laboratory service to the entire hospital, its outreach programmes, peripheral hospitals and sister institutions. The services are divided into sections, with a faculty member overseeing and authorizing the work in each section.

Tests performed in Microbiology


Services offered: Culture, identification of pathogens, Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) of isolates

Specimens tested:

  • Blood & bone marrow
  • Pus and other exudates, drainage Tubes, catheters
  • CSF and other body fluids
  • Tissue/Biopsy material
  • Faeces (Dark field Microscopy for V cholerae)
  • Urine Culture includes Supra-pubic aspirate, Cystoscopy specimen & Percutaneous
  • nephrostomy (PCN) specimens
  • Sputum. Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), Endotracheal aspirates (ETA)
  • Throat, Nasal and Ear Swabs

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

  • Disc diffusion
  • MIC determination
  • Antibiotic assay

Anaerobic Culture

  • Facilities available: Microscopy, culture and AST


  • Facilities available: Microscopy, Culture, Antifungal Susceptibility Testing, Cryptococcal antigen on CSF
  • Bronchial wash or induced sputum for Pneumocystis jiroveci – Giemsa stain direct fluorescence microscopy


  • Facilities available: Smear, culture – solid and liquid culture, Drug susceptibility testing, PCR, Quantiferon Gold Test


  • Infectious disease serology: Widal test and typhidot; Weil Felix test; Standard agglutination test for Brucellosis; IgM ELISA for Scrub typhus; Spotted fever & Leptospirosis; ASO, ADNase B, V.D.R.L & T.P.P.A

Autoimmune serology

  • Rheumatoid factor; Antinuclear antibody; Anticardiolipin; Anti dsDNA; Antibodies to nuclear antigens (U1RNP, Jo-1, Centromere, Scl-70); Anti Thyroglobulin and antimicrosomal; Myositis profile; Liver profile; Anti-ribosomal p protein; Antimitochondrial antibody; Liver-Kidney Microsomal (LKM) antibodies; Anti SM; ß2 glycoprotein IgG & IgM; Anti CCP; Anti SS-A, Anti SS-B
  • Detection of Inflammatory markers C-reactive protein; Total complement; C3 and C4