The Operation Theatre complex has four operating suites, fully equipped with state of the art technology to cater to a wide range of specialities like Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, ENT, General surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Urology, Dental surgery and Ophthalmology. The operation theatre staff consists of skilled theatre scrub nurses, O.T technicians and housekeeping personnel dedicated to each operation theatre.

Theatre working hours for elective cases are between 8am – 8pm from Monday to Saturday. The theatres are available for emergency surgery all through 24 hours. On an average about 300 surgeries are performed in a month consisting of major neurosurgical cases like craniotomies, clipping of aneurysms, endoscopic surgeries and spine fixation. The Urology department performs besides routine urologic procedures, laser and reconstructive surgery.

Orthopaedic surgical procedures include hip and knee replacements in addition to other routine procedures. General surgery includes major upper GI, lower GI, and laparoscopic surgery. Oncologic and endocrine surgeries also form part of the spectrum of general surgery. ENT, Dental and Ophthalmology procedures are also done. Each of these surgical departments has well trained and experienced surgeons who are dedicated full time to providing excellent service to their patients.