The General Medicine department is one of the prime departments functioning ever since the beginning of SNH&RC. It carries out all important health care delivery functions in par with any of the other notable premier medical institute.General medicine department has five OP consultation suites in the ground floor of the institute, very near to reception, registration and billing sections. (Room No:1 to 5). Medical OPD functions Monday- Saturday from .

Department OPD, caters consultation services for daily on average basis 275 patients.Department arranges, immediate lab services, X-ray, CT scanning, ECG, Echo, ultra sonography, etc which are completed the same day thus facilitating treatment modalities same day.

Department co-ordinates and conducts, routine master health check up and diabetic health check up on daily basis. Department executes emergency services in laison with the emergency department and caters to the needy. Department in addition to conventional services, has got a pulmonary function unit which carries out spirometry tests regularly.